Fluid Terrain - My Country, I still call Australia Home Exhibition. June 2013

The first of June saw the opening of the largest collection of Indigenous art to be shown at GoMA in Brisbane. This Exhibition is curated by Bruce McLean.

This site specific work was commissioned by GoMA and is the largest work I've done so far!

Here is a link to GoMA TV and some discussion about the work:

Welcome to Country discussion | June 1 2013
Hetti Perkins hosts Michael Cook, Fiona Foley and myself:
QAGOMA Welcome to Country

You can also listen in to Daniel Browning's program Awaye! on ABC's Radio National here:
AWAYE! My Country Exhibition


  1. I love this work, Megan, I think it should be presented in every school and all the concepts should allow very deep, insightful discussion.you are an advocate of the Traditional Owners of this land, but also of all the plant and animal beings... One example is the birds, not only endemic species but also the migratory ones... Habitat loss is also to me a great point of discussion when you retrieve these original maps... Habitat loss has caused many migratory species to become endangered... I just wanted to say that it felt amazing to go on this journey...

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