The Wandering Room
at RAWSPACE, February 2010

To Heat, To Freeze, To Prick

This exhibition was curated by the Wandering Room and also exhibited the works of artists Madeleine Kelly & Elizabeth Willing.

'To Heat, To Freeze, To Prick' is the third installation of The Wandering Rooms Window Box Project at 99 Melbourne St, South Brisbane. That route you could often walk from West End to the City vis a vis if you prefer the road more traveled.

The artists, Madeleine Kelly, Megan Cope, and Elizabeth Willing have created ephemeral and intimate works, which all relate to the concept of flux. That which is delicate, fragile, and breakable. Using experimental materials, with an often minimal and neutral aesthetic, the power within these works is their simplicity and non-complicity to permanence. With reference to both architecture and the environment, the artists in ‘To Heat, To Freeze, To Prick’ take up various modes of ephemeral art making.