Clancestry Festival at Queensland Performing Arts Centre

This was a panel conversation with the topic of Just who is black enough?
Panel: Dr Anita Hiess, Dr Chelsea Bond, Kevin O'Brien and Megan Cope.

Author of Am I Black Enough? Dr Anita Heiss; University of Queensland Senior Lecturer with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies Unit Dr Chelsea Bond; Queensland University of Technology Professor of Design, School of Design, Creative Industries Faculty Kevin O'Brien; and artist Megan Cope explore the deep and complex issues around the process of being deemed 'black enough' through the politics of self determination and ancestry.
The panel was chaired by Rhoda Roberts

Clancestry is a celebration of country. This means many things. "Country" acknowledges the Traditional Owners of this land. As a metaphor it connects us to our homeland and regions with a special character. From a performing arts perspective it is both an art form and a popular performance genre. Clancestry is a festival celebrating the arts and cultural practices of the world's First Nation's Peoples. The festival draws on rich spiritual culture and provides a space to connect with other clan groups across the country and the globe. In presenting performances, workshops, free events and conversations the festival moves beyond transactional contact into deeper relationships between all peoples.

Toponymic Interventions #2 Gold Coast

Here are some shots of another video I've been working on, with the assistance of Adric Watson again. This series of interventions was shot with time-lapse photography and on the Gold Coast.

Kick Start | Next Wave

Whooo hooo! I got selected to participate in Kickstart 2013 to produce work for Next Wave 2014.
There are some really fantastic artists in this years program including 6 blackfellas working in theater, performance and visual arts...

Check it out: NEXT WAVE 2014

UNBOUND Exhibition, Kings ARI Melbourne, 2013

UNBOUND is an Exhibition four Artists and a collaborative partnership between Kings ARI (melbourne), Level ARI (brisbane), Firstdraft (sydney) & Felt Space (adelaide).

Daniel Price (mel) Dominic Kirkwood (syd) Brad Lay (adel) and myself (bne).
Curators: Anabelle Lacroix & Yvette King.

For this exhibition I made a video work on Wurundjeri & Boon Wurrung Country.
Toponymic Interventions #1 (Kulin Nation) (10:00mins) is an extension of my current mapping practices and seeks to challenge ordinary Australians ideas of ownership particularly in the urban environment. By projecting Aboriginal place names and also language groups onto built and natural surfaces in sites significant to Aboriginal people these works decolonise the familiar and present a duality of space, cultural connections and our sense of time.