The Blaktism

The Blaktism, a new video work and a high-energy performance and ritual that sees a young female “Fair-Skinned Aborigine” undertake a sacred ceremony in which she receives the rite of authenticity validated by cultural authorities ever present in the Australian cultural landscape.
The sacred ceremony itself results in a satirical cultural assimilation dance party whereby all Australians are liberated, celebrated equally and transgressively renewed through physical and gestural adjustments.

The Blaktism seeks to challenge audience members with subterranean racism within popular culture. It shows the absurd nature of racial classification and disdain for cultural self-determination in 21st century Australia. Inspired by the artist's recent experience in obtaining her ‘Certificate of Aboriginality’; this pop video ultimately interrogates notions of identity, power and Australian social history.

from Siân Darling on Vimeo.

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Metro Arts exhibition catalogue essay can be found HERE, written by Professor Steve Larkin from Charles Darwin University

Production Shots from The Blaktism 
Images courtesy of Hannah Cooper Mccoy